Passion for wine,
love for the territory.
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“The real wine experts don’t drink wine:
they taste its secrets
Salvador Dalì
The agricultural company roesler franz is located in the district of Frascati, famous zone for viticulture.
Our estate is located in the basin which once upon a time was lake Regillo, background of ancient battles. Since 1895 this estate has belonged to the Roesler Franz family, surname linked to the famous painter Ettore Roesler Franz, whose masterpiece was “roma sparita”. Today, thanks to the hard work of Gian Carlo Roesler Franz and later to his daughter Elena, the company has become an established and known reality in the territory, producing grapes and high quality wine.
Malvasia Puntinata
This wine is produced with Malvasia Puntinata grapes, a Lazio native vine, also known as Malvasia del Lazio. The grapes are cultivated on a volcanic ground and harvested manually. The vinification produces a classic white wine, the fermentation without contact between marc and must occurs with controlled temperature due to selected yeast, in climate controlled steel reservoirs. Afterwards, an aging period begins in the reservoirs and continues in the bottles before putting them on the market.
Our jam is produced exclusively with fruit harvested in the company. Once the fruit has reached its right maturity, and after few hours from its harvest, it becomes transformed in refined jam in the Terramata di Olevano Romano laboratory. This home-made product is gluten free, containing a low percentage of sugar and without any thickner or color additives. The fruit concentration varies from 100 to 200%.
The company
Over the years, other than producing grapes for the production of the Frascati DOC and DOCG wine, the company has undertaken a transformation not only for recycling, but also for the estimation of native vines such as Malvasia Puntinata and Bombino Bianco and for the introduction of international vines such as Petit Verdot, the Syrah and the Viognier; all these quality varieties respond to the requirements of the market.
Via di Prataporci, 15
00044 Frascati RM

tel: +39 338 1987257